Eight screens feature 38 videos shot at 24 stateline-area venues


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Videos shot by Randy Keho

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Kelly Steward, Tribute, Prime Time Live,  Men of Our Times, Sensations, Chris Chamness, The Riders

Bun E. Carlos and the Monday Night Band, RED Band, Marty Raymon, Mike Owens, Trinadora, Strum Brothers

Kelly Steward, Tribute,

Prime Time Live,  Men of Our times, Sensations

Prowler, Motley Brue, Power Trip, AudioDrive, Denim and leather, Rat Baxter, Tattoo You

Ethan Bell, Rollin' Whiskey, Courtney Davies and the Southern Charm Band, Larry Michael, Outlaws & Angels

The RED Band, Sweet Lucy, Clutch Cargo, B-Side Boys, Harpo's Revue, Vintage Vinyl, Luke Warm Club

American English, Brit Floyd, Wilco

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